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5 Portland Daycares That Support Your Child’s Development

A pregnant mom and dad stand over their toddler son exploring the beach

Finding childcare can be a struggle. Of course, you want to find a space where your child will be safe, but you also want to ensure they’ll be celebrated. You know all the things that make your child uniquely wonderful, and it’s important to find a center that will recognize these traits. If you’re currently on the search for the best center for your child, I would love to tell you about five Portland daycares so you can find your family’s perfect match!  

5 Portland Daycares You Can Trust With Your Family

SW Portland Childcare

9545 SW 62nd Dr, Portland, Oregon 97219

SW Portland Childcare is a smaller daycare center that strives to build a relationship with your Portland family. So you can have the care you trust. The center is operated by seasoned professionals dedicated to building up your child’s emotional, social, and academic development. They believe in transparency so you can know how your child is growing during the day. 

A mother in a blue dress holds her toddler son on her hip while playing on a beach after visiting Portland Daycares

Petit à Petit Daycare

8024 N Chautauqua Blvd, Portland, Oregon 97217

Petit à Petit Daycare understands how crucial this stage is in your Portland child’s development. The French center offers an immersive environment where your little one will learn all the basics of the language. They offer care starting at the age of 3 months up until the age of 5. And don’t worry. Your child doesn’t need any knowledge of the French language before starting out. The daycare will teach them everything while keeping lessons fun and engaging. 

Imagination Station Daycare Center

7119 N Portsmouth Ave, Portland, Oregon 97203

Imagination Station works to build up your child’s independence while providing them with a foundational education. The Portland daycare center teaches science, math, reading, writing, art, music, and physical education. They’re selective on the teachers they hire and send them to annual workshops to keep them up-to-date on research. The classes at the daycare start at the age of 3 months and go up to the age of 5. 

A father in a sweater tips his toddler son over while playing on a beach

St. James Child Development Center

1315 SW Park Ave, Portland, Oregon 97201

St. James Child Development Center was founded to provide families with an exceptional daycare in downtown Portland. The center uses the Creative Curriculum to teach children language, mathematics, literacy, and science and technology. St. James encourages children to find their individual strengths so they can learn in a way that’s best for them. 

The Children’s Garden

1405 SW Morrison Street, Portland, Oregon 97205

The Children’s Garden is a private community school through the Endeavor Schools network. They provide programs that use evidence-based techniques and begin classes as early as 6 weeks old. The center prioritizes problem-solving so your child can become an independent thinker. The teachers allow the students to direct the learning and invite parents to be involved in every aspect of their children’s education. 

A mother in a blue dress laughs and plays with her toddler son while standing on a beach after visiting Portland Daycares

I Hope You Take Back Some Time With These Great Portland Daycares

By finding the right Portland daycares for your child, you can make sure they feel safe and loved even when you’re not around. If you’re on the search for the right center for your child, check these ones out so you can decide if they’re the spot for your family. 

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