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Hi! I'm Ashlie and my biggest joy is capturing all of the magic that life has to offer. I nerd out over all things Harry Potter, have a crazy obsession with cheese, try really hard to be good at gardening and am always looking for the next fantasy series to get into. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet to check out my work, I hope you enjoy looking through my photos. Schedule a session today to capture the magic in your life! 


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Women Warriors

Five Tips for Staying Healthy Postpartum

I enjoy learning about new people working with or for new parents in our community. And I get super excited when I get to connect these people with folks in my network who will benefit from their services. Today I’m thrilled to introduce you to a new guest blogger sharing Five Tips for Staying Healthy […]

Woman in apron standing in front of a wood panel wall

Tips for Parents

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8 Tips to Take Better Photos of Your Kids on Your Phone

We all take a lot of photos on our phones right? And I know that as a parent, you take about a bajillion photos of your children because they are just so darn cute and you want to capture every moment. But, do your results ever leave you feeling like you wish you knew how […]

Baby crawing towards camera during milestone photo session

Tips for Parents

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Tips for a successful bedtime routine

from Jaime of New Family Sleep Solutions Does your child struggle with sleeping through the night?  You are definitely not alone. From what I hear, many parents struggle with getting their child to sleep through the night.  I was thrilled when a few months ago, Jaime founder of New Family Sleep Solutions reached out to […]

Newborn portrait of newborn sleeping naturally posed

Tips for Parents

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