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Experience the Joy and Benefits of Baby Yoga in Portland

A toddler boy in a knit sweater crawls through a white studio before some Baby yoga Portland

Yoga classes have been a community staple for ages. They’ve become a favorite way for people to get out, connect, and grow their practice. The best thing about yoga is that the benefits aren’t confined to any specific age. Even infants and toddlers can attend baby yoga in Portland, which can help their sleep and assist with issues like colic. Plus, it gives new moms a great way to get out of the house and find brand-new friends within their community. If you’ve always wondered about trying out these classes, I would love to tell you about the best baby yoga in Portland!

 Help You And Your Little One With Some Baby Yoga In Portland

Ready Set GROW

5433 NW 30th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97211

Ready Set GROW dedicates itself to helping growing families. The studio’s schedule is full of specialty classes that will give your family a custom-made option. They offer Portland yoga for fertility, prenatal yoga, postpartum recovery yoga, and baby classes. They even have sensory yoga for neurodiverse children. The center starts out with parent and me yoga, during which you can come and focus on bonding with your baby. More advanced classes are available for children ages 2-5 and use fun movement games to get your child started. They also have a babywearing dance course available for both prenatal and postpartum parents. 

A happy toddler girl smiles while playing on the floor of a studio in a green shirt and white pants

From Your Center

2305 SE 50th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97215

From Your Center was founded by Shana Celnicker-Chong, a birthworker who wanted to provide parents with support through every season. As a Portland midwife and yoga instructor, Shana has a unique insight as to how movement can benefit you through the process of growing and delivering a baby. Before your baby arrives, you can come in for her prenatal yoga and movement group classes or schedule a private lesson. Once your baby arrives, you can try out her postpartum classes. While these sessions focus on your own practice, you’ll be able to bring your baby and bond with other parents. The classes currently occur at The Breathe Building, but the location changes sometimes. 

A toddler boy in a white knit onesie sits in a studio with a face of amazement before some baby yoga Portland

Dr. Emily Spaeth

12665 SW Hall Blvd, Portland, Oregon 97223

Dr. Emily Spaeth is a doctor of physical therapy, a licensed massage therapist, and a registered prenatal yoga teacher. She uses all her training to provide parents with classes that educate them on bodily movement while offering ways to recover from the hard work of pregnancy and labor. While her classes are available over Zoom, her drop-in sessions are a great way to connect with other parents in the area. The yoga classes welcome Portland babies that aren’t crawling and encourage you to bond with your little one throughout the session. 

You And Your Little One Will Love The Benefits Of Baby Yoga In Portland

By signing up for baby yoga in Portland, you can get your child started on one of the most beneficial practices around. Check out these classes today to find out more. 

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