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Navigate Parenthood With 5 Great Portland Parenting Classes

A newborn baby girl in a white fabric headband sleeps in a swaddle in a studio thanks to Portland Parenting classes

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Parenthood is definitely not for the faint of heart! From the moment you receive that positive pregnancy test, you are constantly trying to figure out what to do next. Whether you’re trying to create your ideal birth plan or navigate the terrible three-year-old tantrums that no one warned you about, you always have to think on your toes. One of the best things you can do for your family is sign up for Portland parenting classes. With these courses, you will have experts teaching you all about the ins and outs of raising a child so you always know what to do. Here are the best Portland parenting classes for you to check out! 

Take The Next Step To Prepare For Your Little One With These Wonderful Portland Parenting Classes

Self Enhancement, Inc.

3920 North Kerby Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97227

Self Enhancement, Inc. provides you with extensive classes that will teach you everything you need to know to be an effective parent in Portland. They offer 20-week courses where you will learn how to model good behaviors, navigate natural and logical consequences, encourage your child’s developmental progress, and handle everything whether or not you have a partner to parent with you. They offer dinner and childcare during these events. 

Happy parents play with their toddler and newborn baby while sitting on a bed in a studio

Options Counseling

11010 SE Division Street, Suite 202, Portland, Oregon 97266

Options Counseling is here to help you build a Portland community through parenting classes that support you through every stage of parenthood. This organization provides courses including Building Blocks for Effective Co-Parenting, Circle of Security, Make Parenting a Pleasure, Nurturing Families, and Strengthening Families. While many of the classes are self-referred, some do require a referral from your provider. 

Beech Street Parenting

Beech Street Parenting provides virtual classes and support groups to get you through the first few years of parenthood. The classes are led by Courtney Dern, an expert who adores helping parents get through some of the tougher aspects of this time. You can learn how to care for a newborn, how to prepare grandparents, and how to set up your nursery. Courtney also provides one-on-one coaching sessions where you can receive personalized guidance. 

Birth First Doulas

2024 SE Clinton Street, Portland, Oregon 97202

Birth First Doulas provides parenting classes for Portland families who want to be prepared for every birth style. The center offers childbirth classes for out-of-hospital births, evidence-based births, births with hypnosis, and more. Plus, they offer classes for couples. Once your baby is born, you can come back in for free support groups. 

A newborn baby sleeps in a white swaddle in a studio after attending Portland Parenting classes

The Incredible Years 

1507 NE 122nd, Portland, Oregon 97239 

The Incredible Years is a center that’s dedicated to helping you make the best choices for your family. The center offers programs for parents of children ages 3-12. These effective courses have been found to reduce anger and behavioral issues while teaching social skills. Most of the classes are available in English, but they also offer several options in Spanish. 

You Will Love The Confidence You Find With These Portland Parenting Classes

By signing up for Portland parenting classes, you’ll have the help you need for every part of raising a child. Check out these classes today so you can be prepared! 

If you are on the search for more local recommendations, I would love it if you stuck around! Not only am I a Portland family photographer, but I’m also a mom myself. I know what it’s like to be caught up in the chaos of this stage, and I want to make sure you can actually slow things down and cherish them! Whether you’re looking for more helpful lists or would like to plan a photo session, I would love to connect! Let’s chat soon!

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