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See Your Baby Before Birth With a 3D Ultrasound in Portland

Profile of a mother to be laying in the tall grass while holding her bump in a white dress after getting 3D Ultrasound Portland

Pregnancy is a time of embracing the unknown. You spend all day long thinking about the future. You wonder about everything from your baby’s habits and traits to the color of their eyes. While we still haven’t figured out a way to give you all the information you want to know, technology has discovered how to give you a crystal-clear look at them well before they’re born. If you just can’t wait any longer to see your little one, I would love to tell you about the two best places to get a 3D ultrasound in Portland.

Don’t Wait To Get The First Pictures Of Your Little One With A 3D Ultrasound in Portland

A mother to be in a white maternity gown stands in a field of tall golden grass pulling her hair back

Ultrasona Fetal Fotos

9120 NE Vancouver Mall Loop, Suite 250, Vancouver, Washington 98662

For over 15 years, Ultrasona Fetal Fotos has been the place where Portland parents go to meet their babies through 3D Ultrasound. The center has taken their ultrasound appointments and transformed them into an experience. You’ll be in a relaxing environment designed for your comfort. Ultrasona is all about making it a family affair. They invite you to bring your partner and your children so everyone can see the newest addition on the big screen. 

The practice offers several packages that let you select the experience that’s right for you. During the earlier weeks of pregnancy, you can schedule a 2D appointment. These ultrasounds give you the chance to listen to your baby’s heartbeat and determine the gender if you’re far enough along. Around 27-34 weeks, you can go in for a 3D/4D or 5D ultrasound in Portland. With all the appointments, you’ll receive glossy photo prints, images saved to a CD, and a DVD video so you can treasure the moment for years. 

A pregnant mom sits in some tall grass with her husband and toddler son touching the bump

Baby in Bloom 

4001 Main Street, Suite 212, Vancouver, Washington 98663

Since opening their doors, Baby in Bloom has prided themselves on their exceptional customer service. They understand how important this moment is for your Portland family, so they work to elevate your 3D Ultrasound experience however possible. The center is located on the Panache property and is outfitted with modern yet comfortable furniture. You’ll be placed in a room with a bed for you and a couch for your loved ones. From there, your tech will give your entire family the chance to see the baby on the television screen.

At the beginning of your pregnancy, you can book a peekaboo appointment that will give you the chance to see your baby for a 20-minute ultrasound. At 17 weeks, you can stop in for a gender determination appointment, and they will place the answer in an envelope if you’re planning a gender reveal. From 26-32 weeks, you can schedule a 3D/4D/Live ultrasound that will give you gorgeous pictures of your baby’s face. They offer USB drives with pictures as well as color and black and white prints. 

A mom to be in a white maternity dress lays on a blanket in the grass holding her bump after getting a 3D Ultrasound Portland

After Your 3D Ultrasound in Portland, It’s Time For Maternity And Newborn Photos!

By scheduling an appointment to get a 3D ultrasound in Portland, you can get an unbelievable view of your baby well before your due date. Check out these practices today so you can see your baby in a whole new way! 

Once you have a good picture of your baby in the womb, it’s time to start thinking about what comes next! I’m a Portland photographer, and I adore working with parents to let them embrace every second of the newborn phase. As a mom myself, I know how chaotic this time can be, and I want to give you the chance to slow things down. If you’ve been considering booking a session for your growing family, let’s chat soon so you can decide whether I’m the photographer for you!

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  1. Ultrasound pictures are definitely worth it, but maternity sessions are even better 🙂 The mom in your featured post looks just beautiful.

  2. Daniele Rose says:

    Such a great idea to have before and after photos of your baby! Your work is gorgeous!

  3. Christina says:

    Great post, and beautiful images! I wish I had thought to get a 3D ultrasound when I was expecting!

  4. What a great resource for moms looking for a 3D ultrasound! Your photos are gorgeous.

  5. Stacy says:

    I love that this is now such a huge thing. I would’ve absolutely invested in 3d ultrasound if I had them local to me back 10+ years ago. Excellent post and gorgeous images.

  6. Molly says:

    We never took advantage of the 3D ultrasound option, but I wish we did!! Such a beautiful memento to have from your pregnancy. Also, these photographs are stunning!

  7. I did the 3d with my kiddos too but that was like 18 years ago. I bet it’s much better now. lol

  8. Alison Bell says:

    Beautiful neutral shots, Ashlie! Shooting from above can be tricky but you nailed it!

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