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Navigate Breastfeeding with A Portland Lactation Consultant

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Problems with breastfeeding can make the newborn stage feel a little less dreamy. The fact is that most new parents experience some degree of breastfeeding difficulties, whether they’re dealing with insufficient supply or painful latching. While trouble with breastfeeding is not your fault, there are compassionate Portland lactation consultants out there who will help you find practical solutions so you can feed your baby the way you’d prefer. Here are some Portland lactation consultants ready to help you with your breastfeeding journey. 

Portland Lactation Consultants – Get the Help You Need to Breastfeed Successfully

Luna Lactation

Luna Lactation offers holistic solutions to common feeding problems. The center offers lactation consultants and wellness experts to provide comprehensive care during the early months of parenthood. Your consultant will get to know you and assess a feeding so they can offer a path toward resolution. The practice is inclusive and welcomes every family to come and receive quality assistance.

Bliss Lactation

At Bliss Lactation, they believe the best way to approach any issue is first to establish a relationship. They take pride in building trust with their patients so they can offer personalized solutions that work for you. The office can provide both in-home and virtual visits. With their evidence-based care, you will create a plan that helps you feed your baby the way you’d prefer. 

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Full Milk Moon

Full Milk Moon is a Portland lactation consultant practice opened by Kate Rutledge. Kate offers prenatal lactation consultations that will make you feel prepared for breastfeeding after labor. Her postpartum lactation counseling services can occur either in your home or through telehealth. In addition to her lactation services, Kate offers gentle infant bodywork to resolve common problems. 

Natural Latch

Natural Latch offers parents different levels of care for their unique needs. Before your baby is born, you can opt for private in-home prenatal consultations to empower you for the first feedings. Following your baby’s birth, you can schedule initial lactation consultations, follow-up appointments, virtual appointments, and online courses centered on working and breastfeeding. 

A mom to be stands in a studio smiling down to her bump in a white patterned dress before calling a Portland Lactation Consultant

Flourishing Tots

Flourishing Tots is a practice started by a registered nurse/international board-certified lactation consultant. This Portland lactation consultant lets you choose between receiving care within your home or coming to the office for a more affordable option. The inclusive practice offers assistance for common issues, including tongue ties. You can also check them out for new parent support groups.

Baby Nest Birth

Baby Nest Birth is here to help you with all the tricky parts of early parenthood. The practice offers parents birth and postpartum doulas, birth classes, placenta encapsulation, and certified lactation services. The lactation consultants can prep you with their prenatal classes or help resolve issues with their in-home lactation consultations. The experts will work with you to create sustainable plans so you can have realistic solutions. 

A mom to be in a white maternity dress stands in a studio holding a bouquet of white flowers and her bump before calling a Portland Lactation Consultant

Portland Lactation Consultant

With the right expert, you can get the help you need for your breastfeeding journey. Check out these Portland lactation consultants so you can get back to enjoying the newborn stage! 

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