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5 Top Portland Postpartum Doulas For New Parent Support

A mother sits on a bed showing her toddler daughter her newborn baby sister after seeing a Portland Postpartum Doulas

The newborn stage can be a lot to handle for even the most seasoned parents. Not only are you trying to meet all of your baby’s needs while existing on almost no sleep, but you’re in the midst of recovery yourself. The postpartum stage already carries the risk of developing a mood disorder, and the lack of a support system only exacerbates this. Postpartum doulas are here to offer compassionate care that lets you make the most out of these months. If you could use some assistance, I would love to tell you about Portland postpartum doulas dedicated to making the newborn stage a little more magical.  

Get The Support You Need With These Portland Postpartum Doulas

A newborn baby sleeps in a headband on a white bed thanks to help from Portland Postpartum Doulas

Wildwood Birth

Wildwood Birth is a collective of Portland midwives and doulas passionate about normalizing receiving support from doulas in the postpartum stage. The experts use evidence-based information to provide you with support. They will offer advice for breastfeeding, provide assistance with your recovery, work with you to spot mood disorders and take care of your baby so you can spend some time taking care of yourself. They can also assist with basic household upkeep and teach you how to work with your baby’s sleep cycles.

Bridgetown Baby

Bridgetown Baby was founded to help you through every aspect of the postpartum stage. On top of offering Portland lactation consultations and support groups, the agency has a team of postpartum doulas who will provide you with personalized care. The team uses simple pricing and payment plans to make things more manageable. You’ll have a consultation before being paired with your doula. From there, they’ll create a plan to help you meet all of your goals and needs.

A mother in a floral dress sits on a bed smiling with her newborn baby in her arms

Birthing Stone

6663 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hw, #155, Portland, Oregon 97225

Birthing Stone takes a brand new approach to their care from postpartum doulas in Portland. They prebook all of their clients and limit how many they have at one time. This way, they can give you the attention you deserve. You’ll tell them about pre-existing support systems as well as your unique needs. They will then tailor their service based on this. All postpartum doulas are cross-trained as newborn care specialists so they can provide thorough care.  

ABC Doula & Newborn Care 

8107 SE 16th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97202

No matter what your Portland postpartum parenthood journey looks like, ABC Doulas & Newborn Care is here for you. The agency is trained to assist with preemies, multiples, and special needs babies. You can select care around the clock so you can feel rested enough to take on a new day. The team is also your source for placenta encapsulation, lactation consultations, and newborn care classes. 

A mom and dad sit on a bed with their toddler in dad's lap and newborn baby in mom's arms

Family Tree Doula

7972 SE 13th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97202

Family Tree Doula offers a collaborative approach to their doula care. The team is constantly working together so they can find new ways to support your family. They offer daytime care, nighttime care, and live-in care. The team is intentional about providing support for LGBTQIA+ families and will walk with you through adoption or surrogacy. 

You Will Love These 5 Wonderful, Supportive Portland Postpartum Doulas

The newborn stage might be tough, but you’ve got this! With these Portland postpartum doulas, you’ll have support to get you through the earliest weeks. 

If you’re looking for another way to make this stage a little more memorable, let’s chat! I’m a Portland photographer, and I adore working with parents to make the most out of this time. I strive to make each session a relaxing experience that results in genuine memories. If you’ve been considering booking a session to celebrate your family, I would love to connect so you can decide if I’m the photographer for you!

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