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Black Wagon Portland: Quality Styles for Kids’ Wardrobes

A newborn baby sleeps while being held by mom and dad's hands

Sometimes, it feels like we don’t give kids the opportunity to express themselves. While the style options are better than ever, there’s a temptation to trade the whimsy in for the aesthetic factor. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with dressing your kids in the latest trends, it’s nice to have a place where children can be themselves. If you need a place that sells modern styles mixed with fun designs, I would love to tell you all about one of my favorite shops, Black Wagon Portland

About Black Wagon Portland

3964 N Mississippi Ave

Portland, Oregon 97227

Black Wagon is a local Portland boutique that was created to connect with parents. For nearly 20 years, the shop has been dedicated to providing families with youthful styles made from high-quality materials. The shop carefully selects brands dedicated to honoring human rights while also using sustainable methods in production. The items you find on the shelves are made to last for generations while still staying true to today’s fashion. The shop has no sales tax and allows you to build an online wishlist with their shop. More than anything, they’re committed to creating a community where you can walk through the doors and instantly feel like you belong. 


Black Wagon Portland is stocked with clothing for children from infancy to the age of 14. The shop carries modern fits, including joggers, graphic tees, and matching outfit sets. At the same time, the items are absolutely fun. You’ll find bold colors, animal patterns, and cartoon designs. Let your child show off their loves with chef cat sweatshirts from Mini Rodini or music note joggers from Molo. Their organic pajamas will keep your child cozy at night, while their outerwear is perfect for exploring the Oregon wilderness. The boutique has an impressive special occasion selection with comfy linen cotton suits and floral dresses. You’ll also find darling accessories, including gingham bows and tights with fox patterns. 

A newborn baby sleeps in a woven basket with a leg sticking out of the swaddle after a visit to Black Wagon Portland


The toy section at Black Wagon will give your Portland child an imaginative way to play. There are xylophones shaped like bears, puzzles shaped like hearts, and dinosaur excavation kits. Their wooden toys are positively adorable and give your child the chance to create their own little world. Make some breakfast with their wooden kitchen kits or race down the hallway with their wooden vehicles. Their library is incredibly thoughtful, offering titles that teach Spanish or celebrate girls who code. You can also find activity sets with coloring pages of animals or flashcards of yoga poses. 

Black Wagon Portland

At Black Wagon Portland, you’ll find an amazing selection of exciting clothes and engaging activities. Check it out today so you can have your new favorite shop for the little ones in your life! 

If you need a great way to show off those new outfits, let’s chat! I’m a Portland photographer as well as a mom myself. I love getting to work with parents to freeze time because I know firsthand how quickly these years fly by. If you’ve considered booking portraits for your family, I would love to chat with you and tell you more about my sessions! So you can decide if the experience is right for you. Contact me today to get the conversation started!

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