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Discover the Benefits of Using Tidee Didee Portland Diaper Service

A newborn baby girl in a white swaddle and lace bow sleeps on a bed while mom and dad use a Portland Diaper Service

When you’re a parent, you’re constantly trying to find ways to give your child a bright future, whether you’re feeding them healthy foods or working with them to get a headstart on their reading. One of the best things you can do for your child’s future is to adopt some eco-friendly habits, like a Portland diaper service, that will keep the world a gorgeous place for generations to come. Tidee Didee, a Portland diaper service, is dedicated to doing just that! With this innovative center, you can have an easy way to cloth diapers for your baby without any of the stress.  

About the Portland Diaper Service Tidee Didee

6011 SE 92nd Ave, Portland, Oregon, 97266

Tidee Didee might just be the oldest diaper service in Portland. Started over 70 years ago, this company has been helping Portland families for generations. Despite all their years in the business, they’re still committed to always improving. They are constantly listening to input so they can figure out how to make things easier for their clients. On top of keeping diapers out of landfills, they’re fighting against climate change by using environmentally friendly products while utilizing minimal amounts of water. With this wonderful company, you’ll be able to go green for your child’s future! 

A newborn baby girl sleeps in a woven basket in a white swaddle


With Tidee Didee, it’s a breeze to keep your baby feeling fresh. Once you sign up for their diaper service, they will drop off a bag of clean cotton diapers at your Portland home. You’ll take out the diapers and place them where you need them before using the delivery bag as a diaper pail. While the company tends to drop off 70 diapers at a time, they will give you the chance to get 10 additional diapers if needed. After each diaper change, you will place the dirty diapers in the bag; no pre-rinsing is required!

Each week, you’ll leave the dirty diapers by your front door, and the company will pick them up and drop off a fresh stack. The company uses an industrial washer that heats the diapers up to 140 degrees and treats them with an oxygen bleach before drying them. The process has been pH tested to ensure your child’s skin stays safe! 

A newborn baby girl sleeps on a white bed in a tiny lace bow after meeting with a Portland Diaper Service


At Tidee Didee, they understand that cloth diapering can be a pretty intimidating experience at first. That’s why they’re dedicated to making the Portland diaper service process as simple as possible. They also created a YouTube channel. It teaches you all about how to use cloth diapers that you can refer to at any time. 

Are you looking for the best gift for the natural mama in your life? Then check out their gift certificates. With this option, you can give their time-saving services to anybody you like! 

You Will Love The Ease Of Tidee Didee’s Portland Diaper Service

With Tidee Didee, cloth diapering your little one is easy. Check them out today to get started on their Portland diaper service

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