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Portland Doulas for Incredible One-on-One Birth Guidance

A newborn baby sleeps while mom dad and older sibling place hands around it Portland Doulas

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have. Pregnancy is an overwhelming journey for everyone. Not only are you spending nine months anticipating the arrival of the most important person in your life, but you’re also preparing for an unpredictable labor and delivery. That’s why it helps to have Portland Doulas on your birth team.

A doula will work with you one-on-one and serve as your coach. If you choose to have one during the postpartum period, they’ll answer questions, provide assistance with breastfeeding, help out with housework, and even watch your baby so you can get a nap. If pregnancy is starting to feel a little daunting, I’d love to help you out by telling you about the best Portland doulas. 

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A family of four stand together in a studio while mom holds the newborn baby Portland Doulas

4 Agencies for Portland Doulas Providing Empowering Support Through Pregnancy & Beyond

Doula Love

Since 2013, Wendy Scharp and Shawn Salter have run Doula Love with the mission of helping out families all along their parenting journey. The company has a matchmaker service to help you find the birth doula that’s right for you. 

You’ll receive bios of available doulas and host a Zoom interview before deciding on your ideal person. The center provides both labor and postpartum doulas. The company also provides services such as placenta encapsulation, childbirth classes, and parenting support counseling through their group, Mindful Papa.

A mother places her nose to her newborn baby's nose while it sleeps in her hands Portland Doulas

PDX Doulas

At PDX Doulas, they believe every person deserves a doula for their pregnancy. For over 20 years, they’ve worked to provide private pay and pro bono services for families who might not be able to afford them. The company has partnered with OHSU services to provide professional coaching. 

The organization comprises volunteer doulas thoroughly trained to handle all your birthing needs. Through PDX Doulas, you can find a birth doula to provide you with pregnancy and labor support.

A father in a white shirt lays across a bed cradling his sleeping newborn baby

Birth First Doulas

At Birth First Doulas, you’ll have access to a huge team of doulas ready to make sure you feel prepared for the arrival of your little one. The organization has a matchmaker service to give you your ideal doula. 

Each of the experts has received professional training and is fully equipped to take on all your emotional and mental needs. You’ll be able to choose birth doulas as well as postpartum doulas. They also provide childbirth classes so you feel ready once labor begins!

A newborn baby sleeps in a white swaddle in a studio Portland Doulas

Brave Birth

Brave Birth is an organization that will be there to support all your birth decisions. This boutique doula agency is wonderfully inclusive and features a huge team of professional doulas. 

They encourage you to look at the different bios on their website to find the doula you think will be best for your family. Still, if you’re feeling intimidated, their matchmaker option has your back! The agency provides birth and postpartum doulas and childbirth education courses.

A mother sits on a bed with her newborn baby in one arm and her toddler daughter sitting against her other side

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Portland Doulas

If you’ve been looking for a professional to support you on your pregnancy journey, check out these fabulous Portland doulas. I’m positive you’ll find the care you need with all these wonderful options.

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