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Birth First Doulas: Expert Support for Your Birth Experience

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When you’re preparing to meet your baby for the first time, you’re probably experiencing a whirlwind of excitement. Finally, the moment you have waited for is almost here, and you’re finally going to hold that beautiful baby in your arms! As you get close to that day, however, a bit of anxiety might creep in. Suddenly, that birth plan doesn’t feel so ironclad, and the idea of caring for a newborn non-stop can start to feel overwhelming. You need an expert who will support you, and I’m here to help you find one!

As a Portland newborn photographer, I get the chance to chat with lots of new parents about their birth experiences. If you’re looking for a coach, let me tell you why I always recommend Birth First Doulas

About Birth First Doulas

2024 SE Clinton St, Portland, Oregon 97202

Birth First Doulas is an agency that was started by Rebecca Durlin Smith and Brooke Noli. The pair realized how rich the doula community of Portland was becoming, and they wanted to provide a support network that not only cared for parents but also cared for doulas themselves. By creating a system in which doulas could receive the encouragement and the backup they need, they have been able to more effectively help families all across Portland. In fact, Birth First Doulas is the most highly-rated Portland doula group on Google! They provide inclusive care for people of all faiths, backgrounds, and orientations. Plus, they have team members who speak Arabic, English, Hebrew, and Swedish. 

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Birth First Doulas offers both birth and postpartum doulas. Their goal is never to push any agendas or biases. They are simply there to empower you! With their birth services, they will support all styles and will assist you as you navigate the often overly complicated medical system. They will provide you with prenatal visits and go on call as you approach your due date. Once those contractions start, they’ll be right by your side as your advocate and your cheerleader. They will offer you immediate postpartum care.

For their postpartum doula services, you will be able to choose different packages, including daytime and overnight care. They also give you the ability to build your own package so you can choose the level of assistance you need. 

A mom to be explores a field of wildflowers at sunset in a pink maternity gown after visiting Birth First Doulas


In addition to their doula services, the center offers classes that will have you feeling prepared for labor and all that comes after! You can choose between group classes at the center and private, in-home classes.

I Hope You Take The Next Steps To Have Incredible Support From Birth First Doulas

With Birth First Doulas, you can have exceptional support so you can feel prepared for your baby’s arrival! Set up your free meeting soon to find out all about them! 

Are you looking for more ways to prepare for your baby? Then let’s chat! I am a Portland maternity and newborn photographer, and I adore working with parents so they can remember every second of this magical time. I would love to sit down and have a conversation so you can decide whether I’m the photographer for you. Reach out today to find out more!

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