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Unleash the Fun and Imagination at The Wiggle Room Portland

A mother helps her laughing infant daughter walk through a studio in a white dress

Young kids need constant stimulation. They want to take a hands-on approach to the world and learn all there is to know. And while this is an amazing thing to witness, it can also be a little tiring. You are there for their frequent questions and mini adventures without being gifted their endless energy or their lack of back pain. What you could probably use right about now is a kid-centered place like The Wiggle Room Portland that also looks out for the parents. As a Portland photographer, I get the chance to chat with parents about their favorite hidden gems. If you’re searching for an indoor playground, let me introduce you to The Wiggle Room Portland

About The Wiggle Room in Portland

1924 NE 42nd Ave., Suite C, Portland, Oregon 97213

Okay, so real quick, let’s address what you probably think of when you hear about indoor playgrounds. Are you picturing a thousand pre-teen kids running around multi-colored plastic structures, spreading their multi-viral germs? The Wiggle Room Portland is completely different. This tot-friendly space was founded by two parents determined to create a safe yet engaging center for kids ages 2-6. Plus, they have also worked hard to ensure parents can stay comfortable. You can go out, get a drink, and chat with other parents who need a break. Just note that this is not a nut-free facility; they sell peanut butter on-site.  

A toddler girl in a dress sits on the floor of a studio playing with a wooden stacker toy after visiting The Wiggle Room Portland

All The Wiggle Room Fun

The Wiggle Room provides your Portland child with a 2,000-square-foot space where they can play uniquely. They have that ability if they want to scale a play structure or zoom down a bright slide! They can do that if they would prefer to find a quiet spot to make a pretty impressive block structure. The center has thoughtfully created a toddler space where younger kids can play without worrying about the nearby adventures. The center also offers a craft and quiet activity space with a nursing chair set up in case you need to breastfeed.

A toddler girl in a beige dress crawls of the floor of a studio after visiting The Wiggle Room Portland


The center goes out of its way to accommodate parents. The Wiggle Room Portland has seating set up behind the gated play area so you can sit down and watch your child. They also allow you to bring your laptop and work while your child plays. As far as drinks and snacks, they have you covered! Their menu offers kid-friendly lunches and breakfasts at affordable prices, so you can just get out of bed and go. And for the adults, they offer drip coffee, cold brew, lattes, and wine and beer on tap!

Your Little Ones Will Love Every Adventure To The Wiggle Room Portland

Being a parent can be pretty exhausting. Why not book a trip and get your child some Wiggle Room? With The Wiggle Room in Portland, you and your child can have a great place to go and have the perfect day! 

Are you searching for more ways to make this time a little more memorable? Then I would love to connect! I am a Portland photographer, and I adore working with parents so they can freeze time right in their tracks. If you’ve been considering booking a session with your little one, let’s have a conversation so you can decide if I’m the right person for you. Contact me today so we can chat!

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