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6 Portland Pediatric Dentistry Offices For Your Child!

A pregnant mother in a cream dress stands in aa field of tall golden grass laughing with her toddler son sitting on her bump

From its very first appearance, your child’s smile means the world to you. It’s a spark that can light up the entire room. It’s the thing that keeps you going even when parenthood is really, really hard. Of course, you want to do everything possible to protect that grin! If it’s time to schedule your child’s Portland pediatric dentistry appointment, I would love to tell you about the top practices. With all these spots, you’ll have experts dedicated to making your experience as laid back as possible. 

A mother laughs while standing in a field of tall grass as her toddler son runs through it after meeting Portland Pediatric Dentistry

Take The Fear Out Of Dentist Visits With These 6 Wonderful Portland Pediatric Dentistry Offices

Portland Children’s Dentistry

2323 NW Westover Rd, Portland, Oregon 97210

Portland Children’s Dentistry is a practice that strives to create a welcoming atmosphere for kids of all ages. Their goal is to educate both parents and kids on good oral hygiene. They will work with your child to teach them how to brush, floss, and eat healthy foods that will help their teeth. They offer preventative dentistry, restorations, sedation dentistry, and emergency care. 

Pediatric Dentistry of Portland

2811 NE Wasco St, Portland, Oregon 97232

Pediatric Dentistry of Portland is a colorful office staffed by two dentists passionate about providing personalized care. The office works hard to take all the anxiety out of your child’s appointments. The office can help with preventative dentistry, sealants, root canals, emergency care, and special needs dentistry. 

A toddler boy in khakis and a white button down sits on mom's pregnant bump while standing in a field of tall golden grass

SW PDX Pediatric Dentistry

7471 SW Barbur Blvd, Portland, Oregon 97219

SW PDX Pediatric Dentistry goes out of their way to make your Portland child’s appointment an exciting experience. They even have a therapy dog who can stop by and calm your child throughout their appointment. They offer infant oral care, preventative dentistry, and emergency dentistry. 

Hollywood Children’s Dentistry

3839 NE Tillamook Street, Portland, Oregon 97212

Hollywood Children’s Dentistry has been recognized time and time again as a top PDX Parent Pick. The center offers a bright and colorful space where your child can take care of their smile. The office offers preventative care, restorative care, sedation dentistry, and emergency dental care.  

A mother in a white dress spins and dances with her toddler son in a field of tall golden grass after visiting a Portland Pediatric Dentistry

Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry

8708 SE 17th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97202

Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry is an office that features a former Portland pediatric ICU nurse at the helm. The office takes a unique approach to children’s dentistry, combining calming experts with a fun atmosphere. They offer preventative care, sealants, emergency care, and sealants.  

NoPo Kids Dentistry

4548 N Albina Ave, Portland, Oregon 97217

On the other side of the hand-painted fence posts and through the doors of the pastel-shaded building, you’ll find the experts at NoPo Kids Dentistry ready to give your child a holistic approach to really good teeth. While they offer all the traditional services, they will work with your child to teach them how diet can strengthen your smile. They offer ozone therapy, sleep apnea screening, frenectomy procedures, sealants, emergency dentistry, and anesthesia. 

Your Family Will Not Put Up A Fight At These Portland Pediatric Dentistry Offices

With the right Portland pediatric dentistry, your child can have a healthy smile without having to dread their appointments. Check out these spots today to find the right space for your family.

If you’re looking for the perfect way to show off your child’s smile, I would love to connect! I’m a Portland photographer as well as a mom myself. I know from experience how chaotic this season can be, and I want to give you the chance to remember every wonderful detail. If you’ve been looking for the right photographer for your family, I would love to connect so you can decide if my style matches yours. Let’s chat soon!

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