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3 Amazing Agencies For Portland Babysitters You Need to Check Out!

A young toddler girl kisses her sleeping newborn baby in mom's arms after meeting Portland Babysitters

One of the hardest things about being a parent is having to constantly be working. Even your evenings are filled with complicated bedtime routines and frequent wake-ups. When you do finally get the chance to schedule some time for yourself, your brain tends to be occupied with a flood of concerns regarding your child. If you need a night to go out and let your mind be at ease, you need a fantastic sitter you know will make your child their top priority. Here are the best Portland babysitters for your family.

Enjoy Some You Time With These 3 Agencies For Portland Babysitters

A newborn baby sleeps in a swaddle on a lace blanket

Portland Sitters

Portland Sitters started out as a babysitter project by a Portland teen when she was a junior in high school. Amanda Ryan saw the need for quality childcare in the community. She went into oldest sibling mode and decided to connect families with her classmates so they could have local care. The agency has since taken off and remains a top resource for families looking for either baby- or pet-sitting. You can book hourly, overnight, and group babysitting. The agency works with low-income families and helps them find affordable solutions. They are also one of the top spots to find a permanent nanny for your family. 

A newborn baby in a white knit swaddle sleeps on a white bed in a studio

Portland Nanny

Portland Nanny offers a long list of services to make childcare easy for families. They take care of the contracts and paperwork with local Portland babysitters. So, all you have to worry about is the scheduling. They give you the option to book maintained care where you can have the same babysitter when you need them. Their In-A-Pinch service gives you the chance to schedule a babysitter for last-minute occasions. If you need event-sitting, they will find you the perfect person to take on the task. They offer permanent nannies so your family can have reliable, daily care. You can also book a nanny share for a more affordable approach. All their candidates have been thoroughly screened.

A newborn baby sleeps on a bed in a knit swaddle with hands and toes exposed after meeting Portland Babysitters

The Sitter Setter

The Sitter Setter is a pediatrician-recommended service that pairs Portland families with their ideal babysitters. The group is here for nannies, hourly sitters, overnight sitters, and pet sitters. This boutique agency takes pride in its matchmaking system. They get to know all their candidates as well as their clients so they can find you the care that works best for your situation. All the sitters at the agency are fully vetted, and you are able to request what qualities you want in your babysitter. You can hire a babysitter for special events and group settings and even manage sick days when you can’t.

You Can Not Go Wrong With These Trusted Agencies Providing Portland Babysitters

It’s hard to take time off when you’re a parent, but the right babysitter will ensure you can actually get a break. So check out these Portland babysitters today! Then you can have the best childcare for your family. 

If you’re looking for more recommendations to make your life easier, let’s connect! I’m a Portland photographer as well as a mom myself. When I’m not helping families plan gorgeous photo sessions, I’m telling them about local places I’ve discovered with my own family. If you’ve been considering booking some pictures with your family, I would love to connect so you can decide if I’m the photographer for you. Let’s chat soon!

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