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5 Reasons To Get Maternity Photos

diverse group of five pregnant woman out in nature in beautiful white and cream dresses looking at each other and laughing on a blog about 5 reasons why to get maternity photos

Have you been wondering why you should have maternity photos taken? Do you wonder if it’s worth it? I recently polled my followers on Instagram about why they did or didn’t get maternity photos. There was an overwhelming response from people who wished they had but didn’t. I’m going to share a little sampling of what they said and then keep reading for 5 reasons to get maternity photos.

“I didn’t really think maternity photos were a big deal until I had my first kiddos at 30 weeks and missed the opportunity all together. I was shocked at how sad I was that I didn’t hardly have pictures of such a special and fleeting time of life. You bet I did pics with my  second kiddo!!”

“I wish I would have. For our next one I’d love to get them done as my last time being pregnant.”

“I wish I had gotten them done! I have two boys and don’t plan on having anymore. Being pregnant with them is something I’ll never be able to have photos of ?”

I definitely got them done because my body will never look that way again. Being pregnant was so empowering, I felt so beautiful the whole time and even more at the very end. It’s a time in a woman’s life to cherish before a baby arrives.”

If these don’t tell you that you absolutely need to document this miraculous phase of your life. Let me give you 5 reasons why you should definitely get maternity photos. 

1. Celebrate your pregnancy journey


Your body is doing something pretty incredible right now as you grow another human. Not everyone has the chance to experience this raw, magical power of creating life. You are amazing and you deserve to be celebrated!

Black skinned pregnant woman out in nature with floral crown
Photo of black skinned pregnant woman holding her belly

2. Document this moment in your family’s growth


Whether this is your first baby or your fifth baby, your family dynamic is about to change. Including the entire family in your maternity session is a great way to document your family at this specific moment in time before the addition of your new family member. 

Man in white shirt and grey pants, Pregnant woman in long white dress and toddler boy in blue shirt and khaki pants at the Portland Rose Gardens
White skinned woman in white dress holding pregnant belly in front of pink roses

3. A time to bond with your partner before baby arrives

Even if this isn’t your first baby, maternity sessions are a great opportunity for you and your partner to reflect on the life you’ve built together. Use this time to soak each other up. The quiet moments feel far and few between when preparing for a new baby. Watching couples interact & dote on each other during their maternity session warms my soul.  

man in olive green shirt and pregnant woman in a mauve dress standing next to each other and looking at one another in the middle of wildflowers
Man in green shirt and dark pants and pregnant woman in mauve dress out in a wildflower field posing for portraits

4. Capture your expectant joy & excitement 

As you prepare to meet your baby, you’ll experience a range of emotions. Having a professional photographer capture your expectant joy and excitement is 100% worth it. You won’t get this time in your life back. Bask in all of these emotions as someone documents it for you. You will have these images to cherish forever. Documenting your love and excitement as you prepare to meet your baby is one of my most favorite things! 

White skinned pregnant woman in white dress in a flower field
diverse group of five pregnant woman out in nature in beautiful white and cream dresses looking at each other and laughing

5. An excuse to  dress up

It’s no secret that you won’t feel awesome every single day of your pregnancy. But as you start planning your maternity photography session, remember to spoil yourself. Take the opportunity to have your hair and makeup professionally done. And don’t worry about needing to buy a new dress – I’ve got you! You can borrow from my curated feminine wardrobe! Postpartum you will appreciate that you treated yourself and basked in your beautiful pregnant glow! 

Latina pregnant woman in nature posing for maternity portraits
pregnant woman in cream dress holding her pregnant belly

These are just a few of the reasons why I think you should get maternity photos. I have a few more coming your way next week so be sure to come back for more inspiration.

In the meantime check out my maternity portfolio to view more of my work.

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