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5 More Reasons To Get Maternity Photos

White Framed Deckled Maternity Portrait of woman in white & gold dress

Remember a few weeks ago when I shared five reasons to get maternity photos taken? You can read it here. Well, I had so many reasons that I decided to split it into two separate blog posts. Today I’m sharing five more reasons to get maternity photos taken. 

1. Have images worth displaying

Many people display their wedding photos on the walls. Why not have beautiful imagery from every stage of your family’s growth displayed too?  These moments are just as worthy of being hung on your walls as your wedding images. Your children will love seeing photos of your wedding next to photos of them in your belly, next to their newborn photos, next to their first year photos. 

White Framed Deckled Maternity Portrait of woman in white & gold dress
White Framed Deckled print of pregnant woman in white and gold dress with husband in a light shirt out in nature

2. Believe it or not, you’re going to miss your bump

No matter how you feel right now, there will come a day when you will think back on your pregnancy and miss that bump in front of you. Getting maternity photographs taken will allow you to freeze this stage of your life in a beautiful way, so you can cherish it forever. 

Close up photo of pregnant belly and woman holding belly underneath
black pregnant woman holding belly out in nature wearing a cream dress
Light skinned woman holding pregnant belly surrounded by wildflowers

3. Your kids will love looking at these photos when they are older

I always loved looking back on family photos and reliving moments in time I couldn’t easily remember or moments that happened before I was born. Photographs of my parents earlier in their relationship fascinated me.  I marveled at the photos of my siblings holding me as a baby,  fresh home from the hospital. But I don’t have any photos of my mom pregnant with me. I wish I did though. Trust me, your kids will love sifting through your family photographs when they are older too.

Read more here about why printing photos matters and how it can help boost your child’s self-confidence. 

Pregnant woman wearing flower crown and long flowy dress out in nature with beautiful sunset
pregnant woman in burgundy dress in nature wearing a flower crown and holding belly

4. Involve Siblings

Whether they fully understand it yet or not, your older kids’ worlds are about to change big time. Involving them in your maternity portrait session is a great way to have some time with them before the baby arrives. I always love chatting with older siblings about their thoughts on a new baby.

Pregnant Mom, 2 year old girl, and dad dressed up at Camassia Nature Park for maternity photos
Maternity Portraits out in Nature with older sibling. Family Maternity Portraits
Toddler girl kissing moms pregnant belly out in nature

5. Great introduction to your newborn photographer

As a maternity and newborn photographer, I love it when families book both of these sessions with me.  Watching families transition to life with a new baby is a privilege and a joy. It also allows me the opportunity to help you plan for some cohesion between your sessions. I’ll work with you to make sure that your images pair beautifully together, whether you do an album or a gallery wall. 

Maternity photography sessions have a very special place in my heart. Documenting this time for families as they grow, warms my heart! I truly love the work I do and feel so lucky that I get to witness some of the most beautiful moments in a family’s life. 

Family of three out in nature for maternity portraits
light-skinned woman in fall colored floral dress holding her pregnant belly
Family of four with new baby all smiling at the camera
light skinned toddler girl with red hair sitting on bed with newborn baby brother in her lap both looking at the camera
Mom with newborn baby and dad with newborn baby

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    These are beautiful images ? I wish I had these of my pregnancies. Love it so much ❤️

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