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What to Wear For Studio Newborn Portraits

multi-racial family newborn portraits with neutral clothing

When scheduling, many people are wondering what to wear for studio newborn portraits? This is one of my favorite things to talk about! I absolutely love helping you select outfits for the entire family. 

To help clients solve this common roadblock I’ve curated a wardrobe that you can borrow from. I have over 60 feminine dresses that you can choose from to help you look and feel your best on the day of your newborn session. These dresses were selected with you in mind. To help you feel beautiful, especially in those early postpartum days. 

No outfits needed for your newborn! I swaddle newborns in wraps from my collection. We will coordinate your baby’s wrap with the entire family’s outfits. 

As for the rest of the family, I will help you with what to wear for studio newborn portraits. Prior to your session, we will get on a pre-session planning call and go over some vision boards for outfit ideas for the rest of the family. Together, we will make sure they coordinate with your outfit – no matter what you end up choosing from my wardrobe! 

What to wear for studio newborn portraits checklist:

Prior to our session

Prior to our session, I will also send you a couple of vision boards for ideas on styling the entire family – with links to purchase items you like! Consider me your own personal shopper.- Leave the planning to me. All you have to worry about is showing up to love on your sweet family. 

Tones & Colors

You will notice that everything I send you is very neutral in tone and color.  This photographs beautifully in my studio. By selecting neutral tones and colors the image stays focused on your family and your connections with one another. Busy patterns and loud colors take the focus away from the people being photographed.

In your pre-session questionnaire, you’ll have the option to choose which neutral color palette appeals to you the most: white & cream, white & grey, cream & beige. We’ll base the backdrops for baby’s solo images and family outfits based on your preference. 


When it comes to jewelry, I always recommend bringing a couple of options along and I can help you make the best selection with the dress you are wearing. Think about pieces that are big enough to show up in your images, but not too big that they feel distracting. I love a few small bracelets or rings and some simple dangly earrings which can just add a little extra to your images. 


Shoes aren’t important for studio sessions, I typically have folks go barefoot in the studio. If you aren’t comfortable with bare feet, be sure to wear some neutral colored socks that match your outfit.


Treat yourself to a manicure, or make sure that nail polish is removed. We don’t want chipped or peeling nails. If you are going to paint them, go for a muted color (blush pink, white, beige, gray, etc).


If you are planning on borrowing a dress from my client wardrobe, be sure to pack skin-colored undergarments. If you have both a regular and strapless bra, bring both! I also recommend bringing along a white or cream camisole, which can work really well with some of the dresses in my wardrobe. 

Booking hair and makeup

I encourage all my clients to book hair and makeup with the artist who I routinely work with. She does amazing work and will take the stress out of trying to do this part yourself. Especially in your early postpartum days, this can take one more thing off your list so you can relax and be present during your session. She comes to the studio at your scheduled time and do your hair and makeup while I start on photos with your baby. You receive some pampering while your baby gets their photos taken! Sounds pretty great, right?! 

I hope this post helped you gain some clarity about what you should wear for your studio newborn portraits. Check out the images below for some wardrobe inspiration. All of the dresses seen below are borrowed from my client wardrobe. 

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multi-racial family newborn portraits with neutral clothing
Light-skinned mom in dusty blue dress holding baby swaddled in white
light-skinned family dressed in light neutral colors for studio newborn portraits
mom and dad wearing light, neutral colored outfits holding baby at newborn portraits
mom dressed in beige holding baby wrapped in beige and dad wearing light blue holding baby swaddled in beige at studio newborn portraits
Mom in white dress holding baby swaddled in white at newborn portrait session
Mom and Dad in light neutral tones and colors at their studio newborn photo session

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