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Powell Butte Maternity Session – Portland, OR

Pregnant Mom with white shirt and blue sweater and dad in denim sitting on a blanket in nature at sunset

“You know we’re gonna be friends now, right?”

That’s what they said to me as we were walking back to our cars after an  amazing maternity session at Powell Butte Nature Park. I was all like, “Um, Yes Please!”

Liz and Jason were such a dream to work with. And, ah. Just look at these photos; look how photogenic they are. And here they were, all worried that they had never been photographed and wouldn’t know what to do.

But, let me tell you, they were absolute naturals.We had a lot of fun walking around the park together chasing the sun as it started tucking away behind the horizon. And oh my, was it ever worth it! The whole time my little photographer heart was doing its happy dance. We live in Portland, so you just get used to photo sessions in the rain or with an overcast sky. But when the clouds part and the sun shines down, you know your session is going to be extra magical and that’s exactly how this one went down.

I also had the best time with Liz and Jason; they were super fun to hang out with. We had lots of conversations about Jason’s hair. Should he wear his baseball cap? Should we put his hair up in a bun? ‘Okay, let’s just leave it down!’ After our session, Liz and I were texting about how much we were all talking about Jason’s hair, we all found it very comical!

And Liz was such a trooper as I asked her to keep climbing over fences to get to the best lighting locations. She was like, ‘yea, no problem.’ And proceeded to hop thoses fences one after another like a pro.

These two were amazingly fun, and I am so excited for them as they start this new journey together. I can’t wait to meet their little guy once he’s here! I’m so thrilled they wanted me to be there to capture his newborn photos after he’s born. I love maternity sessions, because you get to capture those precious moments of contemplation about what’s on the horizon for couples. And then, once they have their little one you get to see how their hearts expand literally overnight and the love that you get to capture during newborn sessions is always so incredible. Liz and Jason, congratulations and I can’t wait to photograph you both again with your new little bundle in your arms! It’s going to be magical. But the real question is – Jason, what are you going to do with your hair?!? 😉

Pregnant Mom with white shirt and blue sweater and dad in denim sitting on a blanket in nature at sunset

Powell Butte Dreamy Maternity Photos

Baby bump white tshirt and blue sweater and jeans

Pregnant Mom in white shirt and blue sweater out in nature

Pregnant Mom sitting with Dad out in nature casual

Pregnant Mom in white shirt and blue sweater, dad in denim shirt and dark jeans.

Baby bump white shirt and blue sweater

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Pregnant Mom in white shirt and blue sweater, out in nature at sunset

Black Vans Mom and Dad and baby

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