Fresh 48 Photo Session at Legacy Emanuel Hospital – Portland, OR

Fresh 48, Newborn

Baby Ezekiel was born on a Sunday morning at Legacy Emanuel Hospital and I got to meet him the very next day within 48 hours of his grand entrance into this big, beautiful world.

His daddy handed him to me upon my arrival, which just made my day! I was beyond thrilled to hold him for a little bit before we started taking photographs. This also gave Mom and Dad a few minutes to freshen up and get big sister, Esther, ready for some photos with her new baby brother. She seemed a tad hesitant for a few minutes, but once she warmed up to him, it was beyond precious. She couldn’t stop giving him little kisses on his head. Just. Melt. My. Heart.

At one point she even got into his bassinet and so we put him on top of her (with Mom and Dad’s assistance – of course!) and she just laid there with him for a long time while I moved around and captured some of these first precious moments of sister loving on her new baby brother. It was darling, just absolutely darling.

We also got some really amazing photos with mom and dad as well as his maternal grandparents. I’m so grateful that the Lewis family reached out to me to capture these amazing first moments in Ezekiel’s life. I loved watching each member of this beautiful family dote upon their newest member and welcome him into the fold. You can tell is already so loved, beyond measure.

Ezekiel, you are a sweetheart and you have been born into such a wonderful family! Congratulations, you are one lucky little guy!

Lewis family, I wish you so much happiness as you love on the newest addition in your lives. You certainly are blessed.

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2 year old sister kissing new baby brother Mom and dad kissing with their new baby boy in their arms. Mom and Dad hands with wedding rings and their new baby boy in his hospital blankets Fresh 48 photos with family of four in their hospital room

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