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4 Portland Prenatal Yoga Studios for a Relaxing Workout!

A mother to be stands in a field in a beige floral pattern dress holding small white flowers on her bump Portland prenatal yoga

Yoga can be especially beneficial to keep mobility and stretch out during pregnancy, with a ton of other benefits. When performed properly and under the right guidance, of course. Some of the benefits many moms-to-be find are improved sleep and less anxiety and stress. But one of the best parts is how it can help with lower back pain! That bump gets heavy and takes a toll on our backs. Hopefully one of these Portland Prenatal Yoga studios help make your pregnancy more comfortable!

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A mother to be sits on a picnic blanket leaning back into the arms of her husband in a grassy field

Find Your Comfortable Flow With These Portland Prenatal Yoga Studios

A mom-to-be stands in a field of tall grass while looking down at her bump

Ready Set Grow

Located at 5433 NE 30th Avenue, Ready Set Grow was founded by mom Daniele Strawmyre in 2015. Daniele has since been growing her business in order to offer wellness and support to other moms and parents. Ready Set Grow is a collective of parents, birth and postpartum doula, yoga and movement educators, occupational therapists, lactation consultants, artists, parent and childbirth educators, caregivers, and bodyworkers, and offers yoga, dance, pilates-based core classes, and educational workshops designed specifically for pregnancy, postpartum, parents and kids, childbirth and parent education, workshops, and so much more! 

Ready Set Grow also provides private sessions, music classes, virtual/online, and on-demand classes, PDX studio rentals, a wellness room, an infant CST clinic, and an RSG store. Their prenatal yoga classes include a guided asana prenatal class that is designed to provide pregnant people with a safe space to connect with their bodies, a wind-down prenatal yoga class with more emphasis on relaxation and repair, and a prenatal stretch and flow class that utilizes elements from yoga, pilates, ballet, and more to create dynamic movement and help pregnant people feel invigorated! 

A mom to be holds her bump with both hands while standing in a field of tall grass Portland prenatal yoga

MamaSpace Yoga

Offering your first three days of classes for free, MamaSpace Yoga was created by a fellow mama, Carol Gray, in 2016 after years of birthwork and yoga teaching. Starting out as a large studio in Portland’s Pearl District, the Covid-19 pandemic forced the yoga studio into online-only classes. Pushing the studio and owner to create a new way to offer their classes. As an online-only studio, they offer a full staff of teachers proud to offer fertility, prenatal, and postpartum yoga videos. Devoted to ensuring you feel comfortable and are moving freely throughout your growing body, they offer different classes and styles of prenatal yoga for your first trimester, second trimester, and third trimester! These can include:

  • Shorter restorative classes
  • Challenging strength-building classes
  • Pranayama meditation classes
  • Vinyasa or flow-based classes
  • Classes to help with labor positions and readiness.

A bonus to everything being online-you get to go at your own pace and choose what you do at any time!

A young girl in a pink dress hugs and rests her head on her mother's pregnant belly


Tenderevolution is a holistic practice run by Megan Peterson. Megan Peterson is a queer and non-binary Doula, Yoga Therapist, Pelvic Floor Yoga™ Teacher, and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in training. Megan offers prenatal and postpartum yoga classes, pelvic floor yoga, as well as childbirth classes and birth and doula care. Megan uses movement and mindfulness in a trauma-informed environment to meet people where they are and create space for their individual exploration. Within this work, they are passionate about creating more space for queer and gender non-conforming people in the birth & yoga world. They created Tender Evolution out of a passion for supporting people to:

  • feel vibrant in their body and to be able to move in the ways that support their needs
  • feel connected and supported through challenging experiences
  • cultivate porous hearts that can both give and receive
A pregnant mother holds hands and walks her toddler daughter through a field of tall grass Portland prenatal yoga

Wildwood Birth

Wildwood Birth Collective is a collective of doulas and other services in Portland that offer connection and community with other pregnant families. They offer resources for prenatal yoga classes ranging from weekly to one-time workshops. Additionally, they include one on one custom tailored online classes through Emily Light Yoga, community-oriented and variety-based classes through Ready Set Grow, prenatal partner yoga, and more through Bhakti Yoga Movement Center, and more through Roseway Yoga, Mamaspace Yoga, Mandala Yoga, and the Yoga Union Community Wellness Center. Wildwood Birth Collective recommends focusing on breathing, strengthening, and flexibility training during your first trimester, learning stabilizing and balancing poses in your second trimester, and focusing on relaxation and breathing during your third trimester. 

Portland Prenatal Yoga

No matter how far along you are, Portland prenatal yoga is so beneficial and can help prepare you for labor and delivery! These are classes you can partake in from home at your own pace or in the studio. Giving you unlimited options to help you prepare and enjoy your yoga classes! 

A mother-to-be sits on a blanket in a grassy field while looking down at her bump in a beige dress Portland prenatal yoga

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