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Picking Your Outdoor Photography Location

family photos at Nature park with blue wildflowers

As a portrait photographer in Portland, Oregon the question I get asked the most is: what location should we go to for our outdoor photography session? 

While I’ve got a long list of outdoor photography locations that I’ve scouted over the years and absolutely love going to, the location of your portrait session is completely up to you. Many of my clients love to showcase the natural beauty of Oregon. 

My first choice for an outdoor photography location is a wide-open natural space. The light is absolutely divine in wide-open areas. Especially during the two hours right after sunrise or right before sunset — known by photographers as golden hour!

There are so many beautiful places throughout the Metro region and state. Even if you haven’t seen me photograph in a specific place before, know that I’m here to help you brainstorm locations. And I’m always up for an adventure.

Think outside the box

Pick a location that is meaningful to you and your family. Maybe you (or someone you know) has access to an amazing location that would otherwise be off-limits: a private estate, a flower farm, an orchard, or a family winery. Take some time to think about it and check in with other folks you know. You’ll be surprised with what you discover! 

Consider Airbnb, VRBO, or other property rental sites. I love it when families get creative with the locations. Even if something seems out of reach, just remember: you’ll never know until you ask! 

What setting or landscapes appeal to you? Beach, desert, mountain, forest, open-field with epic views in the background…

Do you want to go on a bit of an adventure to a favorite hiking spot that has some amazing wildflowers about a mile in? I’m definitely down. 

Do you want to take a drive to the coast and get some photos at your most-loved beach spot? Let’s do it!

Have you always wanted to get some epic family photos with the peak of Mt. Hood towering  in the background? I’m all in! 

I’m always up for exploring new places with you. 

Still Not sure? 

Never fear, I can share my list of favorite outdoor photography locations with you to spark ideas. I’ve scouted each location throughout the year so I know the best season and lighting for each spot. 

For example, I have a couple outdoor photography locations that have wildflowers blooming in May, and alternative locales for wildflowers in June, July, and August. 

Some locations have beautiful tall golden grasses year round. While others are at their best when they’re bespeckled with fall’s vibrant colors.

Some backgrounds include water, or feature beautiful rolling hills and (on a clear day!) views of Mt. Hood. 

Whatever you decide, rest assured that we will create some beautiful family photographs together that you will cherish forever. 

Ready to start the conversation? Fill out my contact form and let’s start planning the photo session of your dreams! 

*Travel fees may apply depending on location.

family photos at Nature park with blue wildflowers
Maternity photos at Nature park with blue wildflowers
Maternity photos with big sister at Nature park with blue wildflowers
family photography session at the cherry blossom trees in Portland Oregon
Mom and Son photo at the Cherry Blossoms in downtown portland oregon
Mama & me portraits in the rose gardens in portland oregon
Maternity photos at natural area. Mom in white lace maternity dress
Maternity photo shoot, woman in white lace dress from Pink Blush, Dad in blue shirt with khaki pants
Maternity portraits, Mom in white dress, dad in blue shirt and khaki pants
family portraits at Cathedral park with parents and one year old daughter
family photography at a greenhouse in portland oregon
Maternity photos with tall wildflowers
baby bump photo with tall wildflowers
Maternity portraits with tall wildflowers
family of three with beautiful summer wildflowers
Mom Dad and Baby girl at natural area with beautiful sunlight shining through
Family portraits in natural area with tall pine trees in the background
family photo session with tall pine trees in the background in Beaverton Oregon
Baby girl in a box wearing a beige romper and a purple bow
Family portraits with 4 family members at a natural area
family photo at laurelhurst park with pond in the background
Maternity family photography portraits at a natural area in the fall
Family of four walking their dog down a path with beautiful fall colors in the background
Mom Dad and Baby portraits in the snow in winter
Mom Dad and Baby portraits in the snow in winter
Mom Dad and Baby portraits in the snow in winter
Family Portraits in the snow during winter
Winter family portraits with snow on the ground
Winter Family portraits with snow on the ground
Family of four walking through a Christmas Tree Farm

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