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Small Business Spotlight – Krystal Williams Portland Postpartum Doula

Krystal Williams Portland postpartum doula out in nature for headshots

Krystal Williams Portland Postpartum Doula

Imagine having someone there to help you with your baby once you got home from the hospital or birthing center. Someone who could help you:

  • Feed the baby
  • Get some sleep
  • Figure out baby wearing
  • Wash dishes

Or anything else that you need help with during those early postpartum days. Sounds pretty great right? Especially if you don’t have family nearby to help you out with some of these things. 

That’s exactly what postpartum doula care is all about. A postpartum doula can help you and your family ease into the transition of parenthood. 

Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Krystal Williams, a postpartum doula based in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Her business is Blooming Love PDX and she also runs a mommy and me support group that meets every Friday! Read on to learn more about Krystal and her doula journey. 

Get to Know Krystal Williams Portland Postpartum Doula

Did you grow up in Portland?

I grew up in Oceanside, CA (near San Diego), then made my way up the west coast after high school. Long Beach, CA for college, San Jose, CA for work, then Portland to raise our family. We moved up here in 2018 and are loving it.

Tell me about your family?

My husband and I got married in 2014, We had our daughter in 2017 and our son in 2019. And I can’t forget our first fur baby, Toby, who is 10 years old!

What is your favorite thing to do in Portland?

I love swimming in the lake and visiting all of the farms.

Krystal Williams Portland Postpartum Doula Journey

When did you first know you wanted to become a postpartum doula?

I was sitting in a baby and mom group with my son when I looked at the facilitator and thought to myself “I want her job!” A year later a friend of mine became a postpartum doula and that’s what got me considering it. I realized I had been doing “doula work” for 4.5 years without even knowing it.

Where did you get your degree/do your training?

I trained through the CAPPA organization. Prior to being a mom and doula I was an elementary school teacher, and got my education degree at Cal State Long Beach

Blooming Love PDX

When did you first start Blooming Love Doula?

November 2020, right after my postpartum doula training. I had my business logo before I had the name.

Can you explain the different services/packages you offer?

I provide daytime, overnight, and virtual support for families. My daytime shifts are a minimum of 4 hours and my overnight shifts are 10 hours.

If you could give me a quick synopsis of your business in 5 sentences or less, how would you describe it?

I provide support to families who have just had a baby. I am with them 24 hours after they get home from the hospital.  Our visits consist of mental and emotional support, along with education and completing tasks. I am there to support the parents so that they can better care for their baby. The best thing is that this looks different for every family and I adapt my skills based on their needs.

Going into business for myself has taught me a tremendous amount about myself as a person. What have you learned about yourself since starting your business?

It has always been hard for me to say “no”, so this past year I have really had to learn how to balance my family responsibilities with my work availability. In my role, I have learned that I don’t need to have the answers to every question families ask me.  It is important for me to say “I don’t know, let’s learn the answer together”, but at times it is difficult to admit to myself that I do not know the information they are asking me for.

If self-employment was easy, everyone would do it. Can you tell me about the obstacles you have faced being in business for yourself?

Figuring out where to even begin was challenging. I took my training, but then didn’t know what I needed to do next. I have had to learn my limits and not get overworked.  I have built up my confidence to know that the price I am asking families to pay is what I am worth.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

The amount of support I have received since starting my business has proven to me that this is what I am supposed to be doing. I am proud of how my business has done financially in the past year, and I am most proud about running my own mom and baby support group.  My goal of “having that job” has become a reality, and it still feels like a dream. I want new parents to know that they are supported and not alone, and that is exactly what I have done and continue to do!


I enjoy reading and love sharing new book ideas with others. What book  would you recommend to new or expecting parents? And please explain why in 1-2 sentences. 

I recently read Guilt free Bottle Feeding by Madeleine Morris and it was fantastic.  Even if you never plan to bottle feed, it is a great read and provides perspective on both bottle and breastfeeding.  

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Don’t do motherhood on your own!  Reach out to family, friends, and your community for support.

Where to Find Krystal Williams Portland Postpartum Doula

Website –

Instagram – @bloominglovepdx

Facebook – Blooming Love PDX

Krystal Williams Portland postpartum doula out in nature for headshots
Nature headshots for portland doula krystal williams blooming love pdx
krystal williams postpartum doula in portland oregon
Light-skinned woman in a green shirt out in nature for headshots portland doula blooming love pdx

Krystal Williams Portland Postpartum Doula

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