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Hi! I'm Ashlie and my biggest joy is capturing all of the magic that life has to offer. I nerd out over all things Harry Potter, have a crazy obsession with cheese, try really hard to be good at gardening and am always looking for the next fantasy series to get into. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet to check out my work, I hope you enjoy looking through my photos. Schedule a session today to capture the magic in your life! 


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Picking Your Outdoor Photography Location

As a portrait photographer in Portland, Oregon the question I get asked the most is: what location should we go to for our outdoor photography session?  While I’ve got a long list of outdoor photography locations that I’ve scouted over the years and absolutely love going to, the location of your portrait session is completely […]

family photos at Nature park with blue wildflowers

Family Photography

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3 Reasons Why Printing Photos Matters

When’s the last time you printed a photo?  If you’ve worked with me before, then your answer to this question is likely more recent than most. As a maternity, newborn, and family portrait photographer, I am very passionate about printing photos! Photos were meant to be seen, not cooped up on your computer. Which is […]

Portland Oregon Photographer - Custom Linen Albums

Family Photography

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5 Tips for a Fun-Filled Family Photo Session

Ever wonder what you can do to help prepare your little ones for your family photo session? Today on the blog I’m sharing 5 tips for a fun-filled family photo session with younger kids.  Kids are free-spirited. They like to play and have fun. Run wild with their imaginations. These are just a few of […]

family photo session tickle party Mom, Dad, brother, and sister

Family Photography

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Winter Family Photo Session

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a winter family photo session in the snow?  Amazing. I promise. (Granted you and yours must okay with being out in the snow for about 30 minutes to an hour.) Even though I live in Portland, where it rarely snows, I’ve had the great […]

Winter Family Photos with Baby

Family Photography, Milestone Session

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2019 Year in Review

This was the year that brought this decade full circle for me. Finally, I did it! I finally made photography my full-time job.  I’m pretty sure my 24 year-old self is spinning her head right now somewhere. You see when I was 24 it was 2009 and I was graduating from Northern Arizona University with […]

Newborn Photography

Family Photography, Maternity Photography, Newborn Photography

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Wildflower Maternity Session at Camassia Natural Area

Blue Camas Lilies speckled the wide open space, a wooden plank path ran through the middle, and trees surrounded the us on all sides. When I got through the initial wooded area and discovered the first open meadows at the Camassia Natural Area and viewed this amazing site; I just knew that this was going […]

Family Maternity Photos Camassia Natural Area - West Linn Oregon

Family Photography, Maternity Photography

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Thunder Island Engagement Session – Cascade Locks, OR

Their love was palpable. From the moment they sat down to enjoy their coffee and discuss their wedding with me, I could feel it. The way she gazed up at him. The way he smiled back at her. The cute giggles between the two of them. I asked to hear how they met and they […]

Thunder Island Engagement Photo Session

Engagement Photography, Family Photography

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Happy Mother’s Day from a Portland Family Photographer

Happy Mother’s Day! When was it that you knew you wanted to be a mother? Was it when you were little? Was it once you hit your thirties and started seeing everyone else with babies? Was it something that you and your partner decided on together? I’m not a mother yet. But I know someday […]

Mom with one year old son cheek to cheek.

Family Photography, Fresh 48 Photography, Maternity Photography, Newborn Photography

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2018 Year in Review – Portland, OR Photographer

Early ’18 2018 was a big year for this newborn and family photographer. So, before 2019 begins, I want to reflect, with you, on all of the amazing things that happened this year. As 2017 was concluding, everything was much different. I had just filed for my business license, and my very first paying client […]

Family Photography, Maternity Photography, Newborn Photography

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Powell Butte Family Photo Session – Portland, OR

In typical Portland fashion, it was rainy when I met Liisa and her darling family on Powell Butte. We  first met a few weeks prior at a local tea shop with the smells of fresh tea wafting around us. We‘d met to discuss her doula certification, birth and newborn photography, and how we can work […]

Family of four Mom, Dad, daughter, son holding clear umbrella smiling at the camera.

Family Photography, OR, Portland

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