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Baby Milestone Photo Sessions

baby six month milestone photo

If you’ve been following my instagram for a while, you’ve probably heard me mention baby milestone photo sessions. In today’s blog I cover the significance of these sessions and why you’ll want to book these sessions for your baby. 

So, what are they? Milestone photo sessions document different points of development throughout your baby’s first year. Babies grow and change so much and it all goes by too fast. All of a sudden they are rolling over, sitting up, crawling, pulling themselves up, and then they start taking their first steps. As a parent, all you want to do is freeze time — if only for a moment. 

For this reason, many people choose to have professional photos taken to celebrate  some of these milestones throughout their baby’s first year. So you always have photographs to look back on to remember each of these precious stages. 

Most major milestones occur at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and one year. But every baby is different and milestone sessions don’t need to happen at those ages. We plan their milestone sessions around their development stages — when they start rolling over, sitting up, pulling themselves up, or even taking their first steps — documenting these special stages of your baby’s first year. 

Most of these sessions take place in my home studio. The studio is all-white and minimalistic so that the focus of the image is on your baby. I recommend dressing your baby in simple, neutral colors, free of patterns. Or you can pick out 2-3 outfits from my baby client wardrobe for a few different looks. All of the outfits in my baby client wardrobe are neutral in color with a variety of textures, and they all photograph beautifully in the studio space. BONUS…. you don’t have to worry about buying new clothes for your baby’s photo session!

Milestone photo sessions can be just portraits of your baby or include the whole family. It’s totally up to you. If the whole family wants to be involved, we’ll do a variety of portraits with each family member holding or interacting with your baby. And then capture photos of just your baby showing off their newest milestone! 

Milestone sessions are included with my Baby Plan package which documents each of these phases of your new baby’s first year. I also offer individual milestone sessions for families that have not taken part of the Baby Plan package. 

Below are some recent images from an in-studio six-month milestone session. We did a portion of his photos in the studio and then we went to Mt. Hood for portraits of him and his parents. You can read more about our snowy mountaintop session and see photos here. Adventure family sessions outside of the studio are always an option. It really comes down to you, your family, and what you want out of your images. 

Click here to fill out my contact form so we can start chatting about creating a milestone session to document your baby’s big achievements throughout their first year! 

baby six month milestone photo
six month milestone photos
baby arm rolls
boy milestone photo
baby boy six month milestone photos
baby laying on a cream cozy blanket
close up of baby hands and feet
bare baby photo from shoulders up
Baby boy sitting up in white portrait studio
boy 6 month milestone photo

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  1. Julie Behm says:

    O wow Ilove these . Such a beautiful baby?. You are amazing!

    • Ashlie Behm says:

      Thank you, you are so sweet. He is a darling and was so much fun to photograph! I really love this age, it’s so fun!

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