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5 Tips to Decorating Your Nursery

Neutral Baby Nursery

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Now, what about that nursery? 

Today, I’m excited to introduce you to a local interior designer who’s got some fantastic tips for decorating your nursery. Jessica Reynaud is a Portland-based interior designer, who I initially met over social media. 

I stumbled upon her business and fell in love with her design aesthetic immediately. I love her use of neutral colors, natural fibers and materials, and vintage finds. Then I saw photos of a nursery on her feed and absolutely adored the fresh, modern vibe with it’s gorgeous neutral palette and a little plant friend hanging in the corner!

I was delighted when she agreed to write a blog post for me with some tips on decorating your nursery. And now, I’m super excited to be sharing it with YOU! 

Be sure to make it to the end for some of the images I took of her daughter’s beautiful nursery! 

This magical time of expecting a new baby and decorating your nursery is fun but it can also be a little overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you create a warm and soothing environment for your baby!

1. Keep it simple

When in doubt, less is more. Focus on a couple key pieces and how they will interact with each other. Try creating a focal moment, and the pieces surrounding that are secondary. One good focal moment to create in a nursery is the crib — try hanging art, plants, or a hanging canopy over for a nice focus. 

2. Keep the color palette minimal to maintain that soothing environment

When decorating your nursery keep in mind this is where you will read to your baby, have them sleep and play. It is important to minimize any visual distractions. A great way to do this is by sticking to two colors in the space. Try using one or two pops of color.  Any remaining colors should  be neutrals to keep the space feeling warm. Here are a few examples of neutral colors: terra-cotta, beige, white, gray, sage, white, and black. 

3. Bring in some personal elements

Photographs or personal mementos bring intimacy to the space, which is so important. Try printing some family photos and putting them throughout the room. Did you keep your baby shoes? Highlight them in a shadow box and hang it on the wall, almost anything can be art!

4. Organize 

A big part of a soothing environment? Less clutter. Although once your child starts getting old enough to throw everything on the floor, keeping the room clean will get more and more difficult. Try hanging books on the walls or in a bookcase. Keep toys in bins or baskets that can also be tucked away. You can also hide  bright and unsightly toys in the closet if they will fit — creating more open floor space.

5. Functionality

Think about how you will really be using this space when the baby comes. Hanging a mirror above the changing table might be cute, but isn’t super safe or cleanable. Maybe skip it and add a soft (washable) wall hanging. Bookshelves can have toy storage on the bottom two shelves, and more decorative items on the top out of baby’s reach. 

Another tip: think about having the changing table on a dresser; that way the diapers and wipes can be tucked into that top drawer out of sight but still very easily accessible. 

Decorating your nursery can be such a fun nesting activity. You get to think about your personal style and how your nursery represents your baby’s personality. 

The most important tip is to have fun and enjoy decorating your nursery!!

Follow along with Jessica for some more design inspiration:

Neutral Baby Nursery
Indoor headshot of woman dressed in warm tones
Baby Nursery with neutral color pallette
baby nursery with neutral colors
Outdoor headshot of woman dressed in warm tones
neutral toned nursery
minimalist nursery
minimalist baby nursery hygge design
Outdoor headshot of woman dressed in warm tones
neutral minimalist nursery
baby nursery minimal and neutral
Minimalist baby nursery with neutral color pallette
neutral nursery
Outdoor headshot of woman dressed in warm tones
neutral baby nursery
Outdoor headshot of woman dressed in warm tones

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