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5 Rules for Making Your Bedroom a Sanctuary

Warm, Inviting Bedroom Setup

Do you ever wonder if you could be doing a better job incorporating interior design principles into your home? Now that I am a homeowner, I think about this all the time. 

I also think about this when I design gallery walls for clients. I love bringing the maternity, newborn, and family photos I’ve taken to life inside their home.

Recently, I started networking with interior designers in order to learn more and ensure I was serving the families I work with to the fullest.   

And let me tell you… it’s been so much fun meeting other creatives and learning from them! So much fun, that I decided to share some of this knowledge with you. I’m going to have some guest writers on the blog who specialize in interior design to give you some quick tips and tricks.

I’m kicking off my Creative Interiors series with a friend of mine, Emily Austin, owner of Three-Sixty Interiors

Emily is a super rad and talented interior designer. She’s here on the blog today to give us some quick tips on how to make your bedroom a sanctuary. 

I took some images of her own bedroom sanctuary… so be sure to get to the photos at the bottom so you can see Emily’s tips in action!

From Emily:

I’m Emily with Three-Sixty Interiors, and I want to help you make the bedroom of your dreams!  Every room in your home has a specific function, and the purpose of the bedroom is rest and relaxation.  As an Interior Designer, these are my 5 Rules for Making Your Bedroom a Sanctuary:

Remove All Distractions and Clutter

Take out the TV and reserve binge-watching Netflix for the Family Room! Clothes should be hung up or folded in the dresser. If you have kids, there should be a designated area for kids’ toys. For telecommuters, it’s important to define a workspace other than your bedroom. Have a comfy chair where you can enjoy your favorite book or listen to music. 

Make Your Bed Every Day

Yes, every day. I can already feel some resistance to this rule, but it’s so vital. It might not make sense because you’re just going to get it messy when you go to bed at night, but that’s ok. It’s all about mindset – it starts your day off right and no one gets excited about curling up in a messy, unkempt bed!

Install Proper Lighting

There should be sufficient and soft lighting. It’s ideal to have bedside tables with matching lamps on both sides of the bed. Ensure they are to scale of the furniture. In other words, if you have a king-size bed, your bedside tables and lamps should be large as well. 

Invoke Calming Color

You might love bright, bold colors, but those can stimulate the brain and cause eye strain. Instead, choose colors that are soothing and mellow. Such as blue, which has a calming effect and green which promotes harmony and balance. 

Surround Yourself with Loved Ones

Metaphorically speaking, of course. The bedroom is the perfect place to display family photos. I worked with Ashlie Behm Photography, a local family photographer who specializes in designing gallery walls so I can see and enjoy my beautiful family every day!

Warm, Inviting Bedroom Setup
Bedroom Interior with Photo Gallery Wall
Bedroom Interior with Woman reading in reading nook
Reading Chair with table stacked with books.
Tea, Plant and Books
Plants and Dresser in Bedroom Interior Design
Reading nook in your bedroom sanctuary
Framed prints and reading lamp
Bedroom details.
She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes
3 Framed Print Gallery Wall
Bedroom Sanctuary Reading Nook
Stack of Books in Bedroom Sanctuary
Woman Reading her book in her reading nook

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