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Fertility Acupuncturist standing in front of some big green plants wearing a tan top

Did you know that many people turn to acupuncture to help them along on their fertility journey? Acupuncture has many benefits, but when I first learned that acupuncture could help with fertility & pregnancy I was intrigued.  The first time I met Erin we sipped on some tea while bonding over our home state, Wisconsin […]

Small Business Spotlight – Erin Brockmeyer – Solstice Acupuncture

Small Business

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Woman in nature with a bright blue shirt and colorful scarf out in nature for headshot portraits

What would it feel like to feel truly supported during your pregnancy? What would it be like to work with someone who can help your body feel well, help you move in the right ways, and then also be there with you at your birth for emotional support?!  Amazing, right?! Well, Dr. Katie is a […]

Woman Warrior – Dr. Katie Kanda

Womxn Warrior Series

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